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Jarrow Formulas is proud to partner with InterHealth, a subsidiary of Lonza, a multinational company headquartered in Basel, Switzerland. InterHealth is an innovator of branded, value-added and patented ingredients that are clinically studied. InterHealth products have research-backed benefits for joint health, sports nutrition, weight management, cardiovascular health, blood sugar control and mood health. InterHealth Nutraceuticals specializes in researching, developing, marketing and distributing proprietary branded nutraceutical ingredients. High-quality ingredients and a thorough research program help create a great co-branding strategy with Jarrow Formulas.

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7-Keto® is a naturally occurring metabolite of DHEA, a messenger molecule naturally formed in the body. 7-Keto® safely maintains metabolic rate when dieting and promotes weight and fat loss.* Published peer-reviewed research shows that 7-Keto® is 2.9x more effective than diet and exercise alone. 7-Keto® is patented for metabolic rate modulation.*

  • 7-Keto® has been shown in published clinical research to help maintain metabolic rate and increase weight loss 2.9x more than diet and excercise alone.*
  • 2 NDI's - FDA notified and published NDI
  • Awarded U.S. patent for metabolic rate and weight gain
  • Avoids Purported Side Effects of DHEA*
  • 100 mg of 7-Keto DHEA Per Capsule

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L-OptiZinc® is a unique mineral chelate that pairs zinc with the amino acid L-methionine. Research studies show that L-OptiZinc® is better absorbed than other forms of zinc and that plasma levels remain higher compared to other zinc forms. Zinc is an essential mineral involved in many cellular functions including muscle function, aging, skin and immune health.*

  • Superior Absorption and Retention*
  • Superior Antioxidant Properties*
  • Superior Cellular Protection*
  • Multiple Health Benefits - from Immune Function to Skin Health*