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What is Jarrow Formulas' return policy? Plus.svg Minus.svg

Refer to our Satisfaction Guarantee.

Probiotics FAQs

Do probiotics need to be shipped with cold packs? Plus.svg Minus.svg

Shipping refrigerated probiotics with insulation and ice helps maintain the highest levels of potency and efficacy.

How many live bacteria will there be at expiration? Plus.svg Minus.svg

Assuming the product is properly stored, the probiotic will meet label claims for potency at expiration.

I left the bottle out of the refrigerator overnight. Is it still good? Plus.svg Minus.svg

Yes, the loss to potency will be negligible.

Can probiotics be taken while on antibiotics? Plus.svg Minus.svg

Yes, probiotics may be taken while on antibiotics. We recommend that they be separated by at least 3-4 hours on either side.

Can Saccharomyces be taken with other probiotics? Plus.svg Minus.svg

Yes, probiotic bacteria may be taken at the same time as S. boulardii.

Can Fem-Dophilus be taken indefinitely? Plus.svg Minus.svg

Yes, probiotics such as Fem-Dophilus are safe for long-term use.

Can Fem-Dophilus be taken with other probiotics? Plus.svg Minus.svg

Yes, Fem-Dophilus may be taken with other probiotic products.

Are probiotics safe during pregnancy and breast feeding? Plus.svg Minus.svg

Yes, probiotic bacteria are safe during pregnancy and lactation.

Are probiotics safe to take on a long-term basis? Plus.svg Minus.svg

Yes, they are safe and recommended for long-term use.

Can I take more than the recommended dose? Plus.svg Minus.svg

Yes, more can be taken, though there may not be any further benefits beyond the recommendation.