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Our Mission:
Superior Nutrition and Formulation℠

The goal of Jarrow Formulas® is to promote optimal health with high-quality, effective, affordable, and superior formulation of dietary supplements. Our staff of scientists and health professionals are actively involved in clinical studies and continually work with researchers from universities and institutes around the world. Jarrow Formulas® strives to provide the best service and technical information to consumers.

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Science First:
Formulating Health Since 1977

Jarrow Formulas® supports scientific research and scientific symposiums. We fund research studies on many of our products such as bone formulas (Bone-Up®), Co-Q10 Ubiquinol, lignans, silicon (JarroSil®), pomegranate, probiotics, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and sulforaphane (broccoli seed extract), in order to ensure that customers receive the full biological value of our products.

We are active in monitoring and lobbying governmental regulatory affairs that affect our industry, vigorously promoting the rights of Americans to have free access to dietary supplements. Jarrow Formulas’ customers can be assured of purity, value and potency when choosing from our complete line of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, probiotics, enzymes, herbal extracts, specialty antioxidants, condition specific formulations, and protein blends.

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Our History:
A Dietary Supplement Pioneer

Jarrow Rogovin Jarrow Formulas® was founded in 1977 in Los Angeles by Jarrow L. Rogovin. At the time, Jarrow would personally deliver orders of his supplements to the doorsteps of local health food stores. By the 1980s, the small operation had grown into a popular product line that necessitated a need for expansion, and Jarrow expanded the operation by establishing his own health food store on Santa Monica Blvd. in West Hollywood, CA.

Jarrow’s early formulations earned the company a reputation for producing innovative and efficacious formulations at a time when the health benefits of dietary supplements were just beginning to be recognized. Jarrow believed that well-crafted dietary supplement formulations based on sound scientific research data had the potential to promote optimal health. JARROW FORMULAS BEGAN IN 1977. FROM 1982-84, JARROW ALSO RAN A SMALL HEALTH FOOD STORE IN WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA By 1988, Jarrow's health food store was closed down in order to focus efforts on product formulation full time.

In a few short years, demand grew exponentially for the small company’s supplements. Since that time, Jarrow Formulas® has grown from a handful of products to hundreds of nutritional formulations, many of which were firsts for the dietary supplement industry. From humble origins as a small health food store during the pioneering era of the dietary supplement industry, to an internationally known brand with millions of customers four decades later, Jarrow Formulas’ operations headquarters are still located just a stone’s throw from the location of Jarrow’s original health food store.

Today, Jarrow Formulas products are available worldwide in countries throughout Europe, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. From a California based pioneer, to an internationally known premier brand with millions of consumers, Jarrow Formulas’ original goal has always remained the same: To design superior dietary supplements that help empower individuals to take charge of their own health. 

Jarrow Formulas® Company Timeline

Chart showing Jarrow company timeline from 1977 to 2021

Jarrow Formulas® Company Timeline

  • 1977: Product line founded

  • 1980s: Company's origins as Health Food Store in West Hollywood, CA

  • 1986: Probiotic Milestone: First multistrain probiotic in Natural Channel launched: Jarro-Dophilus®

  • 1997: Probiotic Revolution: Shelf-Stable Jarro-Dophilus® EPS with Enteric Coating is introduced to Natural Channel

  • 1999: S-Adnosyl-L-Methionine (SAMe) launched in US

  • 2000: Manufacturing Facility & Laboratory Founded: Jarrow Formulas® Rapid Growth facilitates the establishment of sister company (GMP manufacturing, Packaging, and Analytical Laboratory) in Santa Fe Springs, CA

  • 2007: Bone-Up: Bone-Up® Clinical trial findings published in Scientific Journal

  • 2009: Ubiquinol QH-absorb: Ubiquinol (QH-absorb®) clinical trial findings published in Scientific Journal

  • 2018: 400+ Dietary supplements sold domestically and worldwide

  • 2020: New Mountain Capital LLC: Jarrow Formulas® acquired by New Mountain Capital

  • 2021: Jarrow Formulas® begins partnership with Natrol

Jarrow Formulas® Logo History

Jarrow logo history
Jarrow headquarters

Jarrow Industries®
State-of-Art Manufacturing and Quality Assurance Laboratories

In 2000, Jarrow Industries, Inc. was established to be the main manufacturer for Jarrow Formulas®. With a 125,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility, located in Santa Fe Springs, CA, Jarrow Industries excels in key areas of nutraceutical manufacturing and is a GMP-certified manufacturer in compliance with cGMPs and the National Organic Program with the United States Department of Agriculture.

Full spectrum, analytical laboratories enable support to verify the quality of JARROW FORMULAS® supplements from start to finish.

Jarrow Industries’ well-trained and highly-qualified team utilizes modern, precision equipment in all aspects of manufacturing in closely monitored temperature and humidity controlled environments. The full range of in-house tablet, capsule, softgel, and powder services for Jarrow Formulas’ finished products ensure customers receive clean, pure, high quality dietary supplements.

Analytical Laboratories & Quality Control

Jarrow Industries’ in-house, full spectrum, analytical laboratories enable us to support and verify the quality of nutritional supplements from start to finish. A staff of specialists utilize state-of-the-art laboratories to analyze raw materials (both active ingredients and excipients) for identity, chemical, microbiological, heavy metals, organoleptic and other physical properties to ensure Jarrow Formulas’s products meet the highest standards of quality assurance.

Finished products are also tested in a similar manner to ensure quality with cGMP and organic certification to maintain the standards of Jarrow Formulas’s products with full traceability.

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Jarrow's state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment
Jarrow Industries’ well-trained and highly-qualified team utilizes modern, precision equipment in all aspects of manufacturing.
Testing for quality at Jarrow
Jarrow Industries’ quality control team ensure dietary supplements meet the highest standards of quality assurance.
A worker in Jarrow's laboratory
Jarrow Industries’s in-house, full spectrum, analytical laboratories enable us to support and verify the quality of nutritional supplements from start to finish.
A scientist at Jarrow's laboratory
Jarrow Industries’ analytical laboratories provide one-stop comprehensive analysis and testing services of Jarrow Formulas’s products.

Manufacturing Certifications & Registrations

Non-GMO logo


The NSF Non-GMO True North standard was created to assure the integrity of non-GMO claims. Non-GMO certified by NSF® pulls best practice from commonly used leading food safety standards.

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California Department of Public Health logo

California Department of Public Health Organic Processed Product Registration

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) work cooperatively with the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) to enforce the organic regulations within California.

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Jarrow Formulas Awards

A Recognized Formulation Leader of Dietary Supplements

Jarrow Formulas® is a recognized leader in the dietary supplement industry. Our innovative formulations have garnered industry awards for close to two decades. Below is a list of recent awards.

  • 2021

    CONSUMERLAB.COM Jarrow Formulas Probiotics Rated #1 in Consumer Satisfaction†

  • 2019

    Jarro-Dophilus® Infant Digestive Health/Infants

  • CONSUMERLAB.COM Jarrow Formulas Probiotics Rated #1 in Consumer Satisfaction

  • 2018

    Nutra Ingredients USA Awards Jarro-Dophilus® Infant Probiotic Product of the Year

  • 2017

    Methyl B-12 & Methyl Folate Vitamin Category

  • Better Nutrition Magazine Bone-Up Powder Best of Supplements Award

  • 2016

    Better Nutrition Magazine B-Right® Best of Supplement Award Winners

  • 2015

    Better Nutrition Magazine MK-7 Best of Supplements Award

  • 2014

    Better Nutrition Magazine Skin Optimizer® Best of Natural Beauty Award

  • 2013

    Better Nutrition Magazine QH+PQQ™ Best of Supplements Award

    Cooking Light Magazine Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil Grand Prize Winner of Taste Test Awards for Best Products

    Vitamin Retailer Magazine QH-absorb® Vity Award

  • 2012

    Vitamin Retailer Magazine Jarro-Dophilus® Oral Probiotic Top 10 Winner,
    Best New Products Award

  • 2011

    Better Nutrition Magazine Neuro Optimizer® Best of Supplements Award

  • 2010

    Kiwi Magazine Baby's Jarro-Dophilus® Best Supplements for Kids

    Whole Foods Magazine Runner-up Natural Choice Award

    Vitamin Retailer Magazine Neuro Optimizer® Vity Award

    Vitamin Retailer Magazine Jarro-Dophilus EPS® Vity Award

    Better Nutrition Magazine Fem-Dophilus® Best of Supplements Award

    Better Nutrition Magazine Ideal Bowel Support® 299v® Best of Supplements Award

  • 2009

    Better Nutrition Magazine Bone-Up® & Vision Optimizer® Best of Supplements Award

  • 2008

    Better Nutrition Magazine Fem-Dophilus® & Bone-Up® Best of Supplements Award

    Vitamin Retailer Magazine Jarro-Dophilus EPS® Vity Award

  • 2007

    Vitamin Retailer Magazine Bone-Up® Vity Award

    Prevention Magazine Fem-Dophilus® Top 10 Medical Breakthroughs

  • 2006

    Vitamin Retailer Magazine Bone-Up® Vity Award

    Nutrition Business Journal Fem-Dophilus® Product Merit Award

    Nutrition Business Journal Jarrow Rogovin Business Achievment Award

    Nutritional Business Journal Business Achievement Award

    NPA West Honors Award Jarrow Formulas® Exceptional Support & Contributions

    www.supplementwatch.com Kids Multi® Named Top Product

  • 2005

    Vitamin Retailer Magazine Bone-Up® Vity Award

    Nutrition Business Journal MK-7 Product Merit Award

    Nutrition Business Journal Co-Q10
    Science & Research Clinical Studies
    Business Achievment Award

    Frost & Sullivan Innovative Product Portfolio Leadership of the Year Award

  • 2004

    Vitamin Retailer Magazine Bone-Up® Vity Award

  • 2002

    Nutrition Business Journal Jarro-Dophilus EPS® STAR™ Enteric Coating Technology

Interior of Jarrow Formulas warehouse