The Skinny on the Eating According to Blood Type

by Stacey Bell, PhD

Guess what popular diet plan doesn’t work? It’s the one based on ABO blood group system (i.e., eat according to your blood type), according to a new article in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

Most of you have likely heard of this diet. People with type O blood can enjoy meat, poultry and fish, but should avoid wheat. Those with type A should stick to soy proteins, grains, and organic vegetables. And finally, those with blood type B can consume low-fat dairy, meat, and produce, but avoid wheat, corn, and lentils.

However, a group of Belgium researchers found no benefit to the restrictions noted above after screening more than 1,400 articles. Basically, none showed a benefit on health for food restrictions based on blood type. There is no physiological reason why blood type would dictate which foods you should eat. 

Everyone, regardless of blood type, digests, absorbs, and metabolizes foods in the same way. If you like following a diet according to your blood type, then by all means go ahead. Most of the dietary recommendations are commensurate with good health.

Cusack L. Am J Clin Nutr 2013; 98:99-104