Science Goes Beyond Calcium for Bone Health

by Dallas Clouatre, Ph.D.
Much common wisdom regarding bone health is rather wide of the mark. For instance, to improve bone health and reduce fracture risk, Americans have been taught to focus on calcium supplements and bone mineral density (BMD).  Many experts, however, look elsewhere.  They draw a distinction between bone quantity (which is concerned exclusively with bone mineral density) and bone quality (which concerns reduced risks of fracture).  Fortunately, today there is a supplement available––Ultra Bone-Up® by Jarrow Formulas with StimuCal™ and MBP®––that addresses both these sides of bone health.
One reason for the quantity/quality distinction is that for the vast majority of women, meaning those women without diagnosed osteoporosis, BMD taken alone is not significantly related to fracture risk.  Bone quality, not merely quantity, is important.  Moreover, calcium, the major component of BMD measurements, does not add greatly to bone’s resistance against the most dangerous types of mechanical stresses, such as falling and twisting stress.  Calcium alone does not greatly improve bone quality.  It is the other 28% of the bone, the collagen and other components found in the bone matrix and that are active in bone formation, that give a degree of flexibility to bone, hence primarily help to reduce fracture risk.  Likewise, it is factors other than calcium in the diet and supplements that primarily determine what the body does with calcium and whether supplemental calcium improves bone health as much as it should.
Ultra Bone-Up® address both quantity and quality issues.  First, Ultra Bone-Up® is a comprehensive formula that addresses the range of nutrient needs of living bone.  The trace mineral boron, for instance, has a part in estrogen metabolism.  Potassium has been shown to reduce calcium loss from the body.  Magnesium helps to keep calcium in the bones, where it belongs. Zinc stimulates bone formation and reduces bone resorption.  Vitamin K2 maintains lumbar bone and reduces new fractures. Vitamin D3, of course, is required for the regulation of absorption of calcium from the gut and then its use for maintaining bone calcium levels.  Vitamin C, copper and manganese are all important for supporting the activities of the bone matrix, the most active site of bone repair.  Ultra Bone-Up® also supplies JarroSil® Activated Silicon®, which supports the deposition of calcium into the bones as well as assists in building the organic bone matrix.
Especially important, Ultra Bone-Up® supplies two further nutrients that clinch the bone quantity / quality needs of bone health.  StimuCal™ microcrystalline hydroxyapatite complex is a source of natural bone-growth factors and native type I collagen­—the predominant protein found in bone.  Also included for optimal osteo support is Milk Basic Protein (MBP®), which activates bone-building osteoblasts and decreases excessive activity of bone-remodeling osteoclasts.
There is no need to taken handfuls of different supplements to support the wellbeing of skeletal tissues––Ultra Bone-Up® by Jarrow Formulas is a comprehensive and effective source of nutrition for bone health.