Jarrow Formulas Statement on Genetically-Modified Organisms (GMOs) in its Products

March 22, 2013    

Jarrow Formulas is committed to customer satisfaction and prides itself on not only providing the highest quality supplements available, but also on being responsive to its customers’ concerns. With this in mind, Jarrow Formulas is fully aware that a significant number of our customers have voiced strong concerns regarding the presence or possible presence of genetically-engineered or genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) in the Jarrow Formulas products they use.

It is in this spirit that we at Jarrow Formulas wish to assure you, our customers that we have heard your concerns loud and clear and that we have responded. In fact, for the past several years Jarrow Formulas has made a concerted effort to source non-GMO ingredients, whenever and wherever possible.

Moreover, while we continue to monitor the rapidly evolving and fluid legal and ethical landscape vis-à-vis the GMO issue, we are also not taking a wait-and-see attitude. Rather, we are being very proactive and taking prudent steps toward achieving non-GMO status. While Jarrow Formulas is not able to guarantee, at present, that all of our products are non-GMO, this is the goal toward which our company is conscientiously striving. This includes compiling and maintaining GMO dossiers for all of the products we sell and working actively with our suppliers in order to source non- GMO ingredients for our products. Furthermore, in cases where non-GMO ingredients are not currently available or where such ingredients cannot be supplied reliably, on a consistent basis, Jarrow Formulas is using its influence as a manufacturer of dietary supplements to see that more non-GMO alternatives are made available.

As a result of the above actions Jarrow formulas has taken, we have already begun placing non-GMO statements on the labels of some of our products. Moreover, the list of products confirmed to be non-GMO will only continue to expand as we continue putting our products through our comprehensive vetting process. Once a product has been thoroughly vetted and confirmed to be non-GMO, a non-GMO declaration will appear on the label.

Jarrow Formulas is putting forth its best effort to keep its customers satisfied. We appreciate your support as we work toward our goal of becoming a non-GMO dietary supplement company.

Jarrow Formulas, Inc.