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Jarrow Formulas Launches Jarrow Nutrition News - A National Online Retailer News Channel
Los Angeles, CA, March 31, 2010 – Jarrow Formulas®, Inc., a global wellness and nutritional product company headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, has announced the unveiling of Jarrow Nutrition News, “man on the street” style series of video programs that feature Jarrow Formulas Account Executives, retail partners, store managers and loyal customers.

The Jarrow Nutrition News is a unique approach to building meaningful retail relationships with stores of all sizes and to provide an interactive platform for both enhanced branding and increased store exposure. Additionally, Jarrow Nutrition News will create genuine excitement about new product launches and provide retailers with material for multiple marketing initiatives, including TV spots, trade shows, and trainings, as well as various public relations content.

“Jarrow Nutrition News allows us to engage directly with our loyal retailers, to find out what Jarrow products they are really excited about,” says Ara Soghomonian, a member of the Jarrow Formulas’ marketing team. “It really helps hearing their input about our formulations. But, to be honest, it's even more rewarding just being in their stores and spending time on the front lines.  Their passion is beyond contagious.  We love that. We've already been all over our home turf of Los Angeles and we're absolutely thrilled about taking this project national.”

To view Jarrow Nutrition News, you may access www.Jarrow.com/JNN. For retailers that want to be a part of the new Jarrow Nutrition News network, please contact the Jarrow Formulas’ Marketing Department directly at (800) 726-0886.

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